If you love free stuff, you’ve come to the right place! The E-Learning Heroes community is chock-full of templates, graphics, and other downloads that make it super-easy to create great-looking, engaging content in no time. And to help you stock up your toolbox, we’ve rounded up the most-downloaded graphics of 2017. These illustrations, icons, and other graphics will help you create a polished, professional look in no time. And the best thing is: they’re all free!

With game-inspired icons, charismatic people illustrations, and tons more, these downloads are also a great place to find visual design inspiration for your next project. Dive in! And put these gorgeous freebies to work:

  • People illustrations are the perfect way to make your course more relatable to learners. Browse through plenty of fun, flat design illustrations in this resourceful download.
  • Quickly customize these people illustrations in PowerPoint in this download by Ashi Tandon.
  • Create your next custom interaction or scheme navigation with these business-themed icons designed by Vivek Gandhi.
  • Geek out over this package of tech illustrations, which include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Looking to gamify your e-learning course? This collection of illustrated game-piece graphics is just what you need!
  • Step back in time while working on your next project with these vintage cartoon graphics by Tracy Carroll.
  • Capture your learner’s attention with free craft-style people designed by Tracy Carroll. There’s more: the characters were made in PowerPoint, so you can adapt them to fit your needs!
  • This pack of nifty device mock-ups by Allison Goldthorpe makes it easy to place your content on a smartwatch—or go big with a theater screen.
  • Create a memorable map interaction when you download this group of U.S. map and state graphics by Kevin Thorn.
  • Monsters? Yes, monsters! This free graphics download is scary good: it features ghosts, ogres, goblins, and more.

 Another cool thing—there are even more free graphics available for any e-learning situation in our downloads tab. Catch up on the Best of 2017 series with most-downloaded PowerPoint templates and top Storyline examples.


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