Header Image - Top 10 Most Popular PowerPoint Downloads of 2019

E-Learning Heroes is loaded with helpful articles, tutorials, and everyone’s favorite … downloads. We just love how generously the E-Learning Heroes community shares everything, from Storyline course starters to custom icons and more. 

But the most popular downloads by far are the PowerPoint templates. And with hundreds of free ones to choose from, you can use them to save design time, grow your skills, and as an easy way to kickstart all sorts of training projects, from presentations to course prototypes. 

As we put another year behind us, we wanted to bring you the top ten downloads the E-Learning Heroes community has enjoyed most this year. Have you snagged any (or all!) of these fabulous freebies?

  • Use this colorful and compelling timeline template by Trina Rimmer as a process interaction, an innovative menu, a standard history tour, and more.
  • Delight learners with Paul Alders’s cool, comics-style course template, featuring a range of reactions from our own Dr. Amber.

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