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Think about all the devices you use in a given day.

Waking up, you check your phone to see what time it is and who liked your latest Instagram photo. Maybe then you move to reading the news on a tablet or laptop over a quick breakfast. Heading into the office—whether it’s downtown or just downstairs—you sit at a desktop computer, maybe one with a couple of monitors.

When building virtual spaces in your e-learning, it’s helpful to accurately reflect the way people use their devices. With these tech device mock-up downloads, you don’t have to spend the time designing your own devices to build a realistic home or office setting.

  1. Get four different devices in three different illustrated styles in this download.
  2. Lay out a virtual workspace with this set of device and office supply graphics from Tom Kuhlmann.
  3. Whether you need a screen small enough to wear on your wrist or big enough to see from the back row of a theater, Allison Goldthorpe’s download has you covered.
  4. Use this realistic laptop by Tom Kuhlmann as a prop in your course or to showcase your content. See how Tom created this project.
  5. Give your PowerPoint course some hipster flair with these fun throwback graphics by Trina Rimmer.
  6. Check out these device mock-ups from Mike Taylor; they’re easy to work with and completely customizable.

Build your portfolio and contribute to the community when you share your downloads! Head over to this challenge and leave your mock-up in a comment. Plus, if you want to build courses that look and work perfectly on any device, try Articulate 360 for 30 days totally free.


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