12 Stunning Tabs Templates for Storyline 2 and PowerPoint

If you’re returning to work after a restful holiday, and you want to get one step ahead of your already massive to-do list, we’ve got you covered. We have 12 free downloadable tabs templates: 6 for Articulate Storyline and 6 for PowerPoint.

Tabs, a type of click-and-reveal interaction, are a helpful instrument to have in any e-learning developer’s design tool chest. This interaction offers a simple way to break up lengthy or complex content so that learners don’t get overwhelmed. Rather than flipping through slides one by one, they can click digital tabs to navigate slides with more freedom.

Want in on the tabs action? Download these freebies:

  • Sleek, minimal, and easily customizable, this Storyline 2 template puts your content front and center without sacrificing how your course looks.
  • In a modern spin on the traditional tabs interaction, this PowerPoint template uses a hover feature instead of a click to reveal information.
  • If a color palette of just two or three hues feels limiting, you’ll love this snazzy Storyline 2 template.
  • With helpful icons and transparent boxes, this tabs template for Storyline 2 lets you use words and pictures to help learners navigate your content. Switch in whatever icons you need by downloading the full icon set.
  • This PowerPoint template is great for drawing learners into workplace scenarios, or simply laying out information in a fun, well-organized way.
  • Let learners navigate course information by clicking through tabs on a virtual file folder and reading through the documents inside in this Storyline 2 template.
  • Make the most of the space you have with this tabs template for PowerPoint. Colorful rectangular blocks line the left side of the page, leaving plenty of room for your text and images.
  • Though simple, this colorful Storyline 2 template is anything but boring. The tabs run vertically down the left side of the slide, giving you plenty of space to lay out your content.
  • Styled after a spiral-bound notebook, this PowerPoint template is perfect for presentations with lots of content. You have all the tabs you could ever need!

So there you have it. Tabs for days. Show off your spec-tab-ular (ha!) creations or ask us a question in the comments. We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.