Get Cozy with These 8 Fall-Inspired Examples and Downloads
Autumn is a season loved by many in both the northern and southern hemispheres. And it’s no mystery why—fall marks the transition from hot summer days and barbecues to cool weather and cozy sweaters. It also heralds the beginning of the holiday season, and more time spent enjoying the company of family and friends.

The fall season provides us with so much beauty that it’s no surprise course developers are inspired to incorporate relevant themes into their design work. So whether you’re a pumpkin spice latte (PSL) lover, an admirer of fall foliage, or just love Halloween, you’ll enjoy delving into these eight autumn-inspired projects created by the talented members of the E-Learning Heroes community.

Let the inspiration fall like leaves!

Now that you’re in the spirit, why not create your own fall-inspired project? Join the E-Learning Challenge and submit your work. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Be sure to visit the Building Better Courses forum for more course design inspiration. Happy Autumn! 

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