10 Things Instructional Designers Don’t Like to Hear

E-Learning Challenge #56: Challenge | Recap

In earlier challenges, you explained what e-learning designers do, shared instructional design tips, and let us peek into your course design toolkit. Even though our industry is relatively new, there are phrases and questions that always come up.

The comments can be positive, such as “I love taking online courses” or “I’d love to know more about your job”. Then, there are the questions and phrases that drive you nuts.

And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about!

Challenge of the week

This week your challenge is to design an infographic, poster, or a simple list of the top 10 things instructional designers don’t like to hear. And then share your ideas for how to best reply to each.

This is a lighter challenge so don’t feel obligated to build a rich interaction to share your list. Keep it simple and have fun!

 Wishing you a positive week, E-Learning Heroes! 

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E-Learning Challenge #55: Challenge | Recap

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