Gate Screens in Online Courses

Gate Screens in E-Learning #3: Challenge | Recap

Challenge of the Week

Show and share your best out-of-the-box ideas for using gate screens:

  • Objective: Design a two-slide interaction that includes a content screen and a gate screen. The content screen can be a placeholder screen. The key is to show how your gate screen will load and close in relation to the course.
  • Tools: You can use Articulate Storyline or PowerPoint to create your example.
  • Resources: Check out Tom’s post on gate screens and the free Storyline and PowerPoint templates he put together in our downloads section.  


This is a really great way to practice your visual communication skills while building up your e-learning portfolio. To share your files, do one of the following:

  • Comments: Use the comments section below to share a link to your published project. The comments section allows links but not attachments. If you have a question or want to share your source files, you should use the forums.
  • Forums: Create your own thread in our forums and share a link to your published source file. You can also attach your project files if you’d like some help or feedback.
  • Personal blogPost your published example on your own blog and include a link in the comments below.

Looking for inspiration?

We were totally impressed with the creative ideas you shared in last week’s tabs interaction challenge. Thanks for making it a big success! To warm up for this week’s challenge, check out the creative examples your fellow community members shared last week:

Have a gatetastic week, E-Learning Heroes!

Post written by David Anderson