How Can Designers Create Interactive Videos for Learning? #414

Interactive Video in E-Learning #414: Challenge | Recap

Using videos in e-learning is an excellent way to grab learners' attention and develop engaging and relevant e-learning content.

Incorporating interactive elements such as cue points, hotspots, buttons, and markers into videos allows you to elevate typical e-learning quizzes or scenarios into more engaging interactions for learners. And that's what this week's challenge is all about! Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Video Interview with Branching Quiz Questions

This is one of my favorites. Amar first shared this example in the video interview challenge. I really like how this project alternates between presentation and quizzing modes.

Video Interview with Branching Quiz Questions

View the interactive video quiz

Video as Answer Choices

I like how Nick uses looping video clips as answer choices in the video quiz example. This approach is great for moving from static, text, and image quizzes to video-based assessments. 

Video as Answer Choices

View the video choices example

Video Interviews

Here's an older video interview I recorded with my daughter. I used an iPhone 5 to capture the audio and video and some background paper from Savage. The original idea was to make the pink paper fill the entire background, but my kid moved around so much that I had to cover part of the background.

Video Interviews

View the video interview example

Videos to Show Progress in Quizzes

Here’s a different take on using video in quizzes. In this example, Jonathan uses background video to show learner progress. Answer the question correctly, and you’ll see an upward-moving video taking you to the next floor. Conversely, answer the question incorrectly, and the video shows you moving down to the bottom, where you can try again. Brilliant.

Videos to Show Progress in Quizzes

View the video background quiz example

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share examples that show how interactive video can be used in e-learning. You can reshare a previous example or build something new this week.

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Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill
Tracy Carroll
Ange CM
Tracy Carroll
Eduardo Leopold

Hello everyone, I've been working with interactive videos from some time and I like to use the approach based on GoPro cameras in order to simulate real task in the first person perspective. I want to share two projects I used Interactive video: Project 1: Unilever Sales Onboarding Program The goal was to engage and develop new work routines using the new tools the company was offering for the sales team. Instead on focus on features and boring tutorials, we use the POV camera to simulate the real challenges the salesperson face in they everyday tasks and how he could do so much better using the new process and new tools. Link: Project 2: Bridgestone Technical Sales Training This project won the Demo Fest in the Game-Based Solution Category in ... Expand

Ron Katz
Jodi M. Sansone
Jodi M. Sansone
Daniel Canaveral
Yigah Lhamo
Courtney Roberts

Hi! I'm excited to be back this week for my second ELH Challenge! The video I have included in this challenge is one that I made earlier this year to teach young children beginning division. I felt that it was perfect to add interactivity because the original video directs the viewer to pause the video to work out the problem on their own. The first 4+ minutes explain how to divide by sharing, but you can skip that by clicking the "Jump to Question" in the upper left corner at any time during that section (because I'm sure you already know how to divide... and you might get tired of hearing my voice and watching my developing animation skills 😂). Here is the activity: I love that these chall... Expand