Using True/False Variables in E-Learning #421

True/False Variables in E-Learning #421: Challenge | Recap

True/false variables are one of the simplest types of variables, making them a great starting point for course designers new to working with variables.

Unlike text variables, which can require open-ended fields for evaluation, or number variables that require advanced operations such as addition or multiplication, true/false variables only hold two possible values of data: true or false.

True/false variables are super versatile and one of the most popular variables in e-learning. 

A few common ways to use true/false variables include:

  • Quizzes: Did the learner answer the question correctly? If true, show Layer A; if false, show Layer B.
  • Branching scenarios: Depending on the learner’s choices, you can branch them to one of two different paths or scenes. 
  • Progress tracking: Did the learner complete a lesson or scene? If completed, show a checkmark icon in the menu.

Here are a few examples users shared in previous challenges:

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example that demonstrates how true/false variables can be used in e-learning.

Variables can be tricky if you’re new to e-learning. If there's a concept or idea you're attempting but get stuck or have questions, hit us up in the forums and we’ll help you out.


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Chris Hodgson
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Jonathan Hill
Courtney Roberts

Here is my project for this week's challenge... ... and let me tell you, it was a CHALLENGE! I'm honestly not sure that I used the T/F variable properly, but it is adjusted each time the user accesses the "cheat sheet" on the slides. Then the number of times the cheat sheet is accessed is counted and included in the final feedback slide at the end of the activity. There is likely a different (and perhaps better) way to do this and any advice is much appreciated. *Edited to add... I updated the activity to include a T/F variable that allows you to choose your head chef. All of the feedback layers still have the female because I didn't have time to change those yet. *Also, I used Jonathan Hill's... Expand

Carrie Susong Gurkin
Carrie Susong Gurkin
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Wrenn Corcoran
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