How Are Designers Using Phat Fonts in E-Learning? #456

Using Chunky Fonts in E-Learning #456: Challenge | Recap

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This week, your challenge is to share an example that shows how heavy, chunky fonts can be used in e-learning. You can share a single slide or build out a working interaction to show how you’re using big, fat, and chunky fonts.

Keywords and classifications

Chunky fonts are generally classified as "black," "display," or "ultra bold" within a typeface family. A quick search on Creative Market returned the following categories:

🧰 Resources

Here are some serif-iously good resources on using and finding ultra heavy fonts:

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  • Challenge #457 (04.12): Pick 3. No, this isn't a lottery challenge. Instead, you'll combine three previous challenges into a single interaction.
  • Challenge #458 (04.19): Roulette games. Inspired by a recent community discussion, this would be an excellent challenge topic to practice working with dials and random number variables.

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