How are Course Designers Using Number Variables in E-Learning #301

Using Number Variables in E-Learning #301: Challenge | Recap

Articulate Storyline's states, layers, triggers, and slides are the building blocks that make it easy to create interactive e-learning. In most cases, the showcase examples you see in our examples and downloads hubs never use variables. But when you want to create more dynamic and personalized learning experiences, you'll need to know how to use variables.

Variables are a way to remember information—such as a learner's name or numeric input—and then present dynamic content based on that information. They're also a great way to add conditional interactivity to your course. 

And in this week's challenge, we're looking at number variables.

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an example that demonstrates how number variables can be used in e-learning.

Variables can be tricky if you've never used them. If you have a concept or idea you're trying to show but get stuck or have questions, let us know in the forums and we'll help you out.


Here are some good resources, examples, and training webinars to help you get started working with number variables in Storyline 360.

User Guide

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Training Webinars

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Ridvan  Saglam
Kelly Cooke
Anuradha Gopu

Hi all, I created this sample a while ago for my (still in progress) portfolio . I think it fits this challenge perfectly, so here goes - In this sample, I use a number variable to count the number of pizza slices placed on the plate, since it's not a simple drag and drop case (I wanted the user to be able to place ANY pizza slice on the plate, to reach the required fraction). Let me know what you all think of it! I have not been a very frequent poster on the ELH Challenges, mainly because I am still slow in coming up with ideas and creating something for these challenges (I am amazed at how you guys come up with such awesome ideas every week for these challenges, and that too in record ti... Expand

Daniel Jovanov
Ron Katz
Kelly Cooke
Melissa Forster
Kelly Cooke
Joanna Kurpiewska
Andreas Fischer
Kelly Cooke
Andreas Fischer

Hello Andreas. I allow myself to give you a way after testing it. For the result, you've done almost everything already. You have already your three variables (something like : VarDonald, VarJo and VarArty (Mister Articulate)). Then set a new layer AND THE WINNER IS that appears (with a trigger) at the end of your clock animation. You can display the scores again just like you did on the base layer if you want. Create a new RESULT number variable and use 3 triggers: to set the value 1 on this RESULT variable if VarDonald> VarJo AND VarDonald> VarArty (means Donald wins). to set the value 2 on this RESULT variable if VarJo> VarDonald ANDVarJo> VarArty (means that Jo wins). to set the value 3 on this RESULT variable if VarArty> VarDonald AND VarArty> VarJo (means Arty wins)... Expand

Andreas Fischer
Daniel Sweigert
Alex Jinca
Olga Martinez