4 Lightbox Examples Header ImageWhen you’re prioritizing which content to include in your course, balancing need-to-know and nice-to-know can be tricky. But with lightboxes, a super-flexible feature in Articulate Storyline, you don’t have to worry that streamlining your content is going to leave learners in the dark.

A lightbox is a pop-up with a shaded background that pauses the course and allows learners to pick it back up where they left off when they close it. With lightboxes, you can give learners global access to all sorts of supporting information, like navigation instructions, citations, a table of contents, a knowledge check, explainer videos—pretty much anything—and all without cluttering up the layout of your main content slides. And those are just a few ideas for using lightboxes.

That’s what this roundup is all about: shining a light on what’s possible with some lightboxes and a little creativity. Check out these brilliant examples to see what your fellow e-learning pros are doing:

Want to learn more about lightboxes? Check out this handy article to learn all about lightboxes in Storyline. Looking for more awesome ideas and free stuff? Swing by the E-Learning Heroes downloads hub for oodles of downloads you can use to kickstart your creativity. And be sure to get feedback on your projects by sharing them in an E-Learning Challenge.


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