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Infographics are a great way to bring dry numbers and charts to life. They tell a story rather than just presenting facts. And when you make those infographics interactive, you add an extra engagement boost because learners can explore and discover info around every corner.

In a recent E-Learning Challenge, we asked e-learning developers to put their data visualization chops to the test. Could you build an interactive infographic with the insights we collected in this poll?

No surprise: E-Learning Heroes delivered, presenting many delightful interpretations of the data. Here are just some of our creative treatments:

  • This infographic by Nancy Woinoski may call to mind the jingle of a familiar video game. (Boo-doo doot-doot-doot doot!)
  • Tracy Carroll’s infographic has a little bit of everything: interact with different pockets of information, including clickable pop-up quotes to interactive charts and graphs.
  • Think you know e-learning stats? Test your hunches in this drag-and-drop assessment by Diana Myers.
  • There are pros and cons to e-learning, certainly, but when you see them weighed out in this infographic by Jackie Van Nice, you’ll be convinced there’s tons to love.
  • Stratbeans Consulting takes you through the benefits of e-learning to learners and companies alike in this richly animated infographic.
  • Bold colors and engaging facts make this infographic by Nagarjuna Veeramallu proves that the presentation of facts and figures doesn’t have to be hard on the eyes.

Inspired by the examples above? The challenge is always open. Whip up your own interactive infographic creation and post it in a comment. We can’t wait to see it.