interactive e-learning office demos

Creating interactive offices helps learners put new info in the right context. And a modern, flat design style can add style to an otherwise ordinary environment.

Not convinced? Check out these awesome, flat-design office demos. Some of them use photos and all feature a two-dimensional background that learners can instantly identify—without triggering cube-farm anxiety.

  • See how inviting a clean and simple theme can be with this flat design demo by Joanna Kurpiewska.
  • Let Richard Watson guide you through his clickable flat office demo.
  • Be inspired by flat designs that transform at the learner's touch with this ergonomic demo by Jackie Van Nice.
  • This multi-dimensional demo by Charles Hamper demonstrates how your content can practically jump out of the screen at your learners with the right visual treatment.
  • Check out this fun demo by Pamela Gutman for an example of how to make an everyday topic like new-hire onboarding more engaging.
  • See how you can bring your subject matter to life with the photographic office tour in this funny example by Rachel Ingram.
  • If you need to pack a lot of material into a small space, look no further than this small-yet-tidy flat office demo by Allison Nederveld.
  • Find out how you can combine audio with a flat design to grab your learners’ attention with this desk toy demo by Cary Glenn.

Discover even more inviting flat office designs in our E-Learning Examples Hub and E-Learning Challenges #4 and #50. You can also find loads of free, flat style downloads in this roundup.

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