Image of a Rise course on a laptop

Anyone can build fully-responsive, gorgeous e-learning with Rise. It’s super-easy to put together engaging courses with the prebuilt lesson types, or even create custom lessons using learning blocks. Blocks are modular components such as text, images, and multimedia that you stack to create unique lessons.

Want to see how it works? Check out a couple of these examples on your laptop, phone, or tablet. (Pro tip: Be sure to tilt your device to display the course in different orientations.)

  • Community Manager Nicole Legault ditches the standard resume format in favor of this sleek example.
  • Troy Ashman brings facts about Canada to life in this interactive course.
  • This example from Nalpeiron Technical Support gives learners access to product information whenever and wherever they need it.
  • How is going on a diet like conducting a good interview? This example from Rise super-user Michael Wright has the answers.
  • Upside Learning features a quiz to help learners self-assess their productivity habits at the beginning of this helpful course.
  • Richard Hill uses GIFs in this example to give learners an inside look at the human heart.

If these examples leave you wanting to give Rise a shot, try Articulate 360 free for 30 days! You can also check out these helpful videos about authoring in Rise and creating custom lessons with blocks.