app-inspired navigation roundup header imageWhen you think apps, you may think about going to your favorite game or social media app when you have a few spare minutes. But apps are increasingly used as job aids and learning tools—to study language, explore the galaxy, or otherwise engage with the world.

In a past challenge, we asked the E-Learning Heroes community to immerse learners in an app-like environment. The examples they came up with were extraordinary. Whether learners launch these examples on their mobile phone or on their desktop, they’ll have a ton of fun doing it.

  • See how you can created a game feel in this grammar challenge by Ridvan Saglam.
  • Sip on Dan Graham’s demo, it’s great example of on-the-spot performance support (sometimes you need help mixing up the right recipe!).
  • See how Nancy Woinoski mixes in a little JavaScript to help you add a cool typing effect to a course in this example.
  • Up your mobile assessments game with this demo from Montse Anderson.
  • Try Richard Watson’s “how to make guacamole” demo which shows how important it is to provide support to learners in the moment of need.
  • See how the use of graphics and mobile-style navigation makes this Gary Baldock demo shine.

If these examples are stirring up your creative juices, go build something! Once you’ve whipped up your demo, go leave a comment on the challenge page. It’s always open!