FAQs interactions are a win-win for learners and course developers. They give learners quick access to reference info and concepts they might want to revisit. FAQs interactions can be as simple as a slide or as detailed as a lesson. In any case, they can be used to anticipate learners’ questions, assist with course navigation, and improve the overall learning experience. And they don’t have to be just simple text.

These six examples show you how to make fresh, unexpected FAQs possible in your own courses:

  • Discover fun facts about a waterfall shared by two countries in this wonder-fall Rise example by Jodi Sansone.
  • Try this mobile-themed FAQs example, by Yekaterina Martynova, which features a messaging app that pings an e-learning developer for answers to industry-related questions.
  • See how Holly Castellow assembles videos, links, and more in this technical Rise example to help get you up to speed on xAPI and its future e-learning applications.
  • Use drag-and-drop interactions to invite learners to see what they’re made of—literally—with this biology-inspired FAQs example by Joke Hollants.
  • Grab this clean template by Karlis Sprogis and create an FAQs interaction that makes it easy for customers to find answers.
  • Keep this business-centric example by Montse Anderson handy for when you need to answer business process questions from internal stakeholders.

Looking for even more FAQs inspiration? Check out the great ideas shared in this recent E-Learning Challenge.

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