e-learning drag-and-drop examples

In the spirit of the annual “drag-and-drop” to get kids back to school—and, by the way: congrats on surviving summer, parents!—we thought it would be appropriate to share some examples of great drag-and-drop e-learning. These eight demos (plus some free downloads!) show how a fun and simple concept can turn any quiz into a learning adventure.

  • Try out Nicole Legault’s meet the team example that shows how you can create an interactive org chart for your learners (and get the free download!).
  • Learn how you can delight the dino lovers in your e-learning audience with this dinosaur drag-and-drop download by Trina Rimmer.
  • Jeff Johnson’s Operation-themed template is a great example of how well real-life drag-and-drop activities can translate into an e-learning experience.
  • See how using motion can create an action-packed activity with this side-scrolling school bus example by Avinash Sharma.
  • Check out Cecilia Bernal’s Geology 101 demo for an example of how photo realism can make two-dimensional e-learning seem immersive.
  • Discover how you can help learners grasp overwhelmingly large concepts with a hurricane comparison demo by Montse Anderson.
  • Explore Jane Maduke’s number jumble to see how challenging tasks can help motivate learners to stay engaged with your course.
  • Put your learners’ instincts to the test with this truth or lie demo by Nancy Woinoski. 

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