Virtual tour examples

Tours are a super-common need in e-learning. Whether showing new employees how to get around your facility or taking a creative approach to demonstrating new machinery, a virtual tour lets learners visualize connections and learning paths.

And if you give your tour a compelling host, it’s easy for learners to stay engaged with your content as they make progress on their tour. These five examples highlight different instructional approaches to creating interactive tours. They’re sure to spark your imagination! Take a look:

  • Get ready for your next vacation with this virtual tour of Paris by Nicole Legault.
  • Try to outrun the T-Rex in this tour of Jurassic Park by Jordan Ash.
  • See how Jackie Van Nice took the scenic route to becoming an instructional designer in this tour download.
  • Check out Tom Kuhlmann’s approach to an interactive office tour in this demo.
  • Take a virtual tour of Oregon in this fun example by Richard Watson.

See even more virtual tour examples (and share yours!) in E-Learning Challenge #44. We’d love to see what you come up with!

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