6 Super-Inviting Interactive Screenshot Examples


Interactive screenshots are a simple and effective way to help learners unlock new skills. And the added interactivity makes you look like a real pro! With Articulate Storyline and Articulate Studio, it’s so easy for you to breathe some life into static screenshots. Learners can explore new software, make sense of reports and other info, or practice decision-making, all with just a few markers, buttons, or hotspots showing them where to click. 

We love how these examples showcase what’s important in each screenshot in a straightforward way. And because learners can go at their own pace, driven by their curiosity, they’ll really feel like they’re in charge. Check out these examples: 

  • Take a to-the-point tour of the Flamingo app in this Storyline how-to by Ian McConnell.
  • See how this Storyline sales report interaction by Nancy Woinoski helps learners parse complex data one step at a time.
  • Watch how to simplify the task of filling out complex forms with this Storyline tour of a passport application created by Jackie Van Nice.
  • Use interactive screenshots to create a software sim in no time. This neat interaction created by Charles Hamper in Storyline simulates editing a photo in Paint.net.
  • Get ideas for showing learners how to use new apps in this Storyline example by Jeff Kortenbosch.
  • Check out this great example in Studio by our very own David Anderson to help learners explore Scrivener software.  

You can find even more great interactions in our E-Learning Examples Hub and explore even more great screenshot interactions in this E-Learning Challenge. If you’d like to learn more about markers, buttons, hotspots, and more, check out all the Storyline tutorials and articles in the Storyline hub