Hey There! Don’t Miss These 6 Interactive Conversation Examples

Interactive conversations are a super-effective way to build a strong connection with learners. Taking a conversational approach helps learners connect directly to the content and builds a personal connection. 

These six examples highlight different approaches to giving e-learning a personal, relaxed feel:

  • Watch how speaking directly to learners builds motivation in Jackie Van Nice’s two-truths-and-a-lie themed demo.
  • Get tongue-tied in a difficult situation? Let learners practice their responses using this approach by Alyssa Gomez.
  • Spice up your compliance training! Grab your learners’ attention by pairing them with goofy conversational partners to chat about compliance. See how in this demo by Tamara Kravitz and Dana Hall.
  • Help learners make better decisions with the approach in this demo by Jane Maduke.

Feeling chatty? Find tons more interactive conversation examples in this E-Learning Challenge. Of course you can submit your own if you’ve got some fresh, conversational ideas to share! And take a cruise down the e-learning inspiration highway in our examples hub.

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