7 E-Learning Branching Scenario Examples

One of the coolest ways to create more engaging e-learning is by putting the learner in control of the action. Some of you may remember those cool Choose Your Own Adventure books from when we were kids. Weren’t they awesome? Take a page from those books and let learners direct their experience by asking them to make choices in a realistic scenario, and then show them the consequences—good, bad, or otherwise—of their choice.

In e-learning, we call these types of interactions “branching scenarios,” and they’re super effective. The cool thing about creating a scenario like this is that you can continue to cascade the learner through choices that accrue as she goes along. It’s a simple way to present the learner with feedback she can use to improve real-world decision making.

To learn more about branching scenarios, check out these eight examples:

  • See how you can help learners practice customer service skills in this shoe- store-themed scenario by Rachel Craig.
  • Help Lego-themed characters practice their problem solving skills in this scenario demo by Gerard Friel.
  • Polish your Storyline 2 skills in this boxing-match-themed demo by Alexander Salas.
  • Build a great relationship with your coworkers by practicing your communication skills in this interaction by Veronica Budnikas.
  • Help Atsumi succeed in her new career as a caregiver in this sample by Dianne Hope.
  • Try out this scenario by Brian Keys to see how you can put learners right in the middle of a realistic customer-service setting.
  • Sample this neat drag-and-drop scenario by Linda Lorenzetti that helps servers make simple but important decisions in everyday situations.

Check out even more branching scenario examples in this E-Learning Challenge and if you’re feeling inspired, just jump in! The Challenges are always open. And find all our weekly roundups of fresh examples and downloads here. It’s inspiration waiting to be discovered!