New Storyline 2 Slider Examples

Articulate Storyline 2’s built-in sliders are a really fun way to invite learners to explore the relationship between different concepts or learn more about how things change over time. And because sliders are so easy to use, just about anyone can create cool, “custom-y” interactions where learners are in control.

We’ve got lots of great examples of slider demos that will help you find new and unexpected ways to put sliders to work. We’ve rounded up 10 fresh slider examples to spark your imagination:

  • Help Atsumi redecorate her office with this paint roller slider by David Lindenberg.
  • See how the features at Disneyland have changed over time in this dual slider interaction by Alexander Salas.
  • Watch how Mauro Gaiotto’s example showcases three ways to show contrast in before-and-after images.
  • Try this visceral example by Kayla Burtch, which depicts the realistic impact of rising sea levels on cities such as Miami and New York.
  • Check out how tech devices change over time in this fun “then and now” interaction by Dianne Hope.
  • Watch a flower bloom little by little in this beautiful demo by Linda Lorenzetti.
  • Explore each step of a perfect golf swing in this slider interaction by Ian McConnell.
  • Observe the deadly impact of Ebola firsthand in this Guru Award–winning example by David Tait.  
  • Explore your surroundings using the slider in this Google Maps demo by Michael Hinze.
  • See how this interactive map changes based on the season you choose in the slider. It’s a great example of letting learners fine-tune what they’d like to learn more about.   

For tons more fun sliders, don’t miss the Before and After E-Learning Challenge. Looking for help working with Storyline 2’s sliders? Check out this tutorial and this E-Learning Challenge for more helpful examples and suggestions.