Comic Book Themed Examples Roundup Illustration

Comic-themed e-learning courses are a great way to put your learners in the driver’s seat and keep them engaged. The best courses combine an engaging storyline, meaningful interactions, and beautiful graphics into a powerful learning experience.

Get inspired by these amazing comic-style examples:

  • See how Captain Challenge saves the day with this amazing comic book-inspired math game by Linda Lorenzetti.
  • Witness the power of slide transitions and zoom regions in Storyline 2 in this great example by Paul Alders.
  • This dynamic demo by Gabrielle Dovis is proof that sound effects and narration can make the difference between good and great e-learning.
  • Check out this example by Kevin Thorn to see how a graphic novel approach can turn any content into a compelling learning experience.
  • See how Nancy Woinoski takes Storyline’s hover state to the next level in this stellar comic-style e-learning example.
  • Linda Lorenzetti puts learners to the test in this hands-on comic-style course about hospital best practices.
  • Scared that comic-style e-learning is not appropriate for serious subject matters? This example by Jackie Van Nice will change your mind.
  • See how giving your learners the freedom to choose increases engagement with this interactive example by Lawrence Williams.

Get a jump-start on your own comic book-themed course with this free download. Read this article to learn 3 Ways to Make Your E-Learning Course Look Like a Comic Book. And don’t forget to check out E-Learning Challenge #11 for tons of other great comic book e-learning examples.

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