Train Your Learners

Brain teasers and logic puzzles are a stimulating way to give learners a fun brain break between heavy topics, to pique interest in learning more about the subject at hand, or to get them ready to absorb new information.

And creating brain-training games and activities is also an opportunity to stretch your creative skills as a course developer. Whether you’re exploring conditional triggers and variables, or getting clever with drag-and-drop and pick-one interactions, Storyline 360 makes it easy to create all kinds of rich and engaging experiences for your learners. 

Explore some of the creative possibilities by taking a gander at these eight brain-teasing logic puzzles from the oh-so-smart members of the E-Learning Heroes community.

Check ’em out:

Is your brain feeling more awake now? We hope so! Don’t let your newfound brainpower go to waste. Join the E-Learning Challenge and take a shot at creating your own brain teaser or logic puzzle game. And if you’re still craving more design inspiration, visit the Building Better Courses forum—where tons of e-learning pros are engaging in rich conversation and sharing ideas.

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