medical-themed e-learning roundup

Medical topics can be tricky. There’s the need to manage the “Ick!” factor that crops up when talking about the human body in various states of health. Not to mention the pressure to make sure your learners get the right takeaways from your course, so they’re prepared for a medical circumstance.

These examples are proof that effective medical-themed e-learning doesn’t have to be scary, dense, or give anyone the heeby-jeebys. In fact, it can be sleek, entertaining, and even downright cute.

So whether you’re building medical-related e-learning or just searching for some inspiration, these examples deliver. Take a peek:

  • This illuminating assessment by Nancy Woinoski uses your answers to a series of life questions to determine your life expectancy.
  • Jackie Van Nice shows us how to handle a bee sting in this cute and colorful course.
  • Looking for a medical-themed tabs template with sleek design? This one is available for download. Thanks, Montse Anderson!
  • This course by Josh Stoner is a great example of how professional, well-considered design doesn’t have to look stuffy or corporate.
  • Learning about the history of medicine doesn’t have to be intimidating. Przemyslaw Hubisz shows that sometimes a game with a cute little monster is all it takes.
  • Come for the puns, stay for the information in Adam Cherepski’s course on hand hygiene.
  • Test your knowledge of cuts and scrapes in this highly interactive course by Ashi Tandon.
  • See how Joshua Farquharson uses several different assessment types to test learners’ understanding of height measurements in this course.
  • Let this image-matching interaction by Joanna Kurpiewska spark your creativity. How could you use a similar technique to help learners?
  • Check out Dianne Hope’s creative slider use in this course on psychological development.
  • In another cool example of slider use, this interaction by Tom Kuhlmann gives us a tour of the inner workings of the human body.

For more e-learning eye candy, be sure to check out our examples hub. There you’ll find these examples and more to keep you inspired.