The E-Learning Heroes community is an awesome resource for all things e-learning. You have access to tutorials, free downloads, advice from other e-learning pros, and tons of sweet examples to help spark your creativity. We’ve made it even easier for you to soak up some Storyline inspiration: we gathered the most viewed Storyline examples of 2017, and they’re overflowing with e-learning goodness! Check out the Storyline examples below that’ll set you up to rock your next project.

  • This snappy, ADDIE-inspired Storyline 360 mini-course by Nicole Legault uses an array of layers and animations to explore how the ADDIE model can help instructional designers create effective courses.
  • Learn how to add triggers to your next Storyline course with some help from this software simulation by Richard Watson.
  • This engaging Storyline course by David Anderson puts learners in the driver’s seat and lets them try out their new skills with screen simulations.
  • This commercial quiz by Ridvan Saglam features embedded videos to make quizzes more interactive so you can find out what learners really know.
  • Awesome course? Check! See how Maija Perfiljeva powers an assessment built in Storyline with checklist interactions.
  • Navigate your course seamlessly with drag-and-drop interactions, like this tea time–themed Storyline example by Kimberly Valliere.
  • You’ll love how this office etiquette Storyline demo by David Charney reinforces written content with a drag-and-drop exercise.
  • Watch Nicole Legault apply process interactions to transform a boring process video into an interactive software simulation.
  • This vibrant Storyline 360 demo by Veronica Budnikas simplifies course navigation with an intuitive drop-down menu.
  • This colorful Storyline example by Jackie Van Nice blends the lines between work and play with interactive dials and knobs.

If you’re loving the e-learning inspiration, don’t miss our round-up of the most downloaded graphics and most viewed Rise examples. Keep your eyes peeled for more goodies!

Jeffrey Riley

David, Thanks for putting your simulation example in this review. I have done a lot of simulations and see a lot of simulations and this is one of the best. What I like the most about this is the combination in the Try Mode of highlights on the screen and the text instructions on the right. The coordination of the steps with the instructions is just brilliant and effective. I just like the idea that the instructions are different than bubbles or other concepts. It reminds me of what I did years ago with help files that could be placed next to an application so the learner could get the instructions and still work the software. When I first saw this I also thought it could be used for processes as well as software. I hope to get that done sometime and send you an example. I also li... Expand

David Anderson