3 Examples of Mobile-Inspired E-Learning Navigation

Getting your design inspiration from mobile apps is a surefire shortcut to intuitive, usable navigation. Learners can easily make their way through your course, and it’s a touchable, eye-catching approach to designing e-learning. Luckily there are some great examples out there that model this technique. And using Storyline, you can easily customize your course to create interactivity that’s natural to use on phones and tablets.

Take a peek at how these three demos demonstrate an app-like feel:

  • Learners will intuitively know how to interact with the navigation in this demo by Mark Bennett.
  • Here’s a clever example by Ian Butler that shows how you can make a tabs interaction work well on mobile devices.
  • This interaction by Rini Soel combines modern, mobile-inspired navigation with a tabs-style click-and-reveal.

Looking for help creating mobile learning? Get started with this helpful intro and then check out even more app-inspired e-learning examples in this roundup.

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