6 Sweet Branching Scenario Examples

Branching scenarios are a great way to let learners practice skills in realistic situations. By asking them to choose how they’ll respond to tough scenarios, they can test out different approaches in a low-risk setting.

And with Storyline, it’s really easy to create branching scenarios using variables and layers. Check out these great examples for some inspiration:

  • See how learners can practice their communication skills in this job interview branching scenario by Nicole Legault. You can also learn how she built this example and get the free download.
  • Take a look at this attention-grabbing example by Richard Watson that lets learners explore responses to workplace violence.
  • Give learners practice with assessing tough workplace situations in this example by Melissa Milloway.
  • This super-cool interaction by Kimberly Bourque assesses your leadership style with a series of branching questions.  
  • Let learners see the consequences of their actions in this scenario by Melissa Milloway.
  • Learn your leadership style in this amazing branched interaction by Jackie Van Nice.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating branched scenarios with Storyline, check out the Storyline tutorials. Also, take a look at this classic post by Tom Kuhlmann, which teaches you the fundamentals of structuring a branched interaction. And there are tons more examples to inspire you in the examples hub.