12 Awesome Examples of Interactive Sliders in Action

Sliders are one of the coolest new interactions in Storyline 2. They make it easy to show learners the relationships between different concepts and let them experiment with processes.

And e-learning developers are using sliders to create some really cool learning experiences, from self-assessment tools to interactive games. Check out these examples to some great ideas for your next Storyline 2 project:

  1. Try out different outfits on paper dolls with this example by Jackie Van Nice.
  2. See how sliders can help learners see the relationship between different data in this cookie-themed interaction by Joanna Kurpiewska.
  3. This awesome example by Sol Moh uses sliders to create an interactive game.
  4. See how you can illustrate processes with sliders in this furniture assembly interaction by Jeff Kortenbosch.
  5. This nifty example uses sliders to create interactive product education for the iPhone 6.
  6. This wellness-themed interaction by the Articulate team demonstrates how sliders make it easy for learners to play with cause-and-effect relationships.
  7. This diagnostic assessment by Richard Sharples shows how you can use sliders to gather information from learners and then give them feedback.
  8. See how sliders can control other objects on your slide with this stop-motion animation example by Charles Hamper.
  9. Sliders aren’t just cool interactions—they’re also delicious little sandwiches. In this tasty example, Dan Sweigert uses sliders to let learners experiment with the best way to grill sliders.
  10. Check out this creative way to meet teammates in this slider org chart by Robbie Chui.
  11. Sliders bring a map to life in this hometown example by Joanna Kurpiewska.

If you’re interested in learning more about using Storyline 2 sliders, check out this tutorial or this how-to. And feel free to post any questions in the Storyline forums.

For more great examples like these, check out the interactive slider challenge and dive into our examples hub. And if you’d like to share your examples, join in any challenge (they’re always open) or share your work in the discussion forums.

Jackie Van Nice
Jenise Cook (RidgeViewMedia.com)