hero image for data visualizations post

One of the best ways to tell your learners a compelling story is by including supporting data that shows the impact of the content. But making data feel accessible can be a real challenge. As with anything in your e-learning project, you want to make sure you help learners focus on what’s important by presenting info clearly and avoiding distractions.

In this collection of examples and downloads, you’ll find fresh and creative approaches to making data visually appealing AND easy to understand. Take a look:

  • Watch how this Guru Award–winning example by David Tait shows the devastating impact of ebola in communities where it’s present.
  • Try selecting a year in this dashboard by Nagarjuna Veeramallu to get a closer look at the detailed data for that period.
  • Download these data visualization freebies by Lili Seram, which will help you create a visual aid that learners can understand easily.
  • See how your vehicle’s stopping distance changes with adverse weather conditions in this multi-slider demo by David Jordan.
  • Reveal data with an eye-grabbing animation using this freebie by Nicole Legault.

Looking for more great examples? Check out this E-Learning Challenge. It’s full of examples of interactive charts and graphs.