6 Cover Slide Examples That Snag Your Attention

Creating an eye-catching cover slide is a sure-fire way to get learners motivated to dive into your course. With eye-catching images, interesting animations, and other creative techniques, it’s easy to express to your learners the purpose and benefit of your course—while assuring them it will be fun to look at and easy to complete.

These six examples showcase what you can accomplish when you move beyond the basic text-only approach:

  • Feel the web-inspired influence in the cover slide of this free, multi-slide download by Montse Anderson.
  • Check out Trina Rimmer’s healthy eating IQ quiz, which sets the scene with a modern and realistic look and an attention-grabbing question.
  • See how animation + evocative imagery = engagement in this demo by Luke Barrett.
  • Get in the mood to learn about working safely around heavy equipment with this example by Dianne Hope.
  • Try to resist the opportunity to learn more about a little known creature when you see this “Meet the Tapir” interaction cover slide by Rachel Craig.
  • Struggle with time management? Then this “Time Management” cover slide by Ademola Johnson will resonate with you.

Looking for examples of creative cover slide approaches? Check out this E-Learning Challenge and then take a stroll through the E-Learning Examples hub. You’re sure to find graphic design that inspires you.

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