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Leadership training is something most e-learning professionals tackle at some point in their careers. Whether you end up designing a leadership training strategy, developing an entire program, or both (and then some), creating leadership training can be a huge challenge. 

Today’s leaders need to cultivate skills and behaviors that build their resilience, deepen their understanding of themselves and others, and help them anticipate future needs for the business. All this might leave you pondering what your learners really need to know—and how your leadership training should help them get there.

When e-learning is part of your blended leadership training strategy, what you’re creating should have learners feeling challenged and engaged over the long haul. That’s why we think you’ll find a bunch of design inspiration from this roundup of leadership training projects. By snagging a few ideas from these examples and downloads, you’ll have your learners leading like a boss in no time!

  • This modern leadership-themed download by Pete Rix is a beautiful start for designing a cohesive look and feel for your leadership training. The palette of cool and serious charcoal gray with white text is further accented with eye-catching pops of red and aqua. This restrained palette keeps the template feeling both fresh and classic. 
  • When we talk about leadership style, we’re talking about a leader’s way of motivating their people, communicating strategic direction, and putting plans into action. There are many different leadership-style inventories out there, but this thought-provoking example from Stephanie Harnett challenges learners to explore their perceived and actual leadership styles.
  • How do you spell leader? This clever illustrated download from Andrzej Jabłoński uses an acronym for the word “leader” as the course menu. Learners click on a letter to explore each topic. Each click reveals a variety of flexible layouts you can quickly adapt for your training projects.
  • There are loads of TED Talks from inspiring leaders on the web. Instead of pointing your learners to Google to search them out, build a curated collection of TED Talks for them! For one take on this idea, check out this gorgeous Rise 360 example from Trina Rimmer. It uses Rise 360 features like the multimedia embed block paired with interactive blocks like sorting and matching activities to reinforce key messages.
  • You don't want to miss this simple and versatile Storyline 360 download from Veronica Budnikas. It makes absorbing content a breeze for busy learners. And with plenty of light and airy layouts to choose from, you'll find you can easily adapt this template for almost any topic.

Looking for more ideas to inspire you? Check out this article on Three Ways to Use Storyline to Create Leadership Training to see some ways you can use Storyline 360 to add meaningful engagement to your leadership training. While you’re here, don’t miss all of the inspiring examples and downloads featured in this recap of a recent e-learning challenge, 13 E-Learning Templates for the Leadership Training and Development Industry #230.

And for even more creative e-learning ideas, there’s no better spot than the E-Learning Heroes community. Participate in a friendly conversation in our Building Better Courses forum or discover hundreds of brilliant e-learning ideas in our E-Learning Examples hub.

Want to give any of these ideas a try for yourself? Snag a free 30-day trial of Articulate 360 to check out all the cool new features in Storyline 360 and Rise 360.

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