4 Customer Service E-Learning Examples That’ll Make You a Better ID

Customer service is a skill that’s essential in almost any professions. Whether your learners are collaborating with others in your organization or they’re in traditional, customer-facing roles, it’s likely you want them to know how to cope with challenging conversations.

And the great thing about e-learning is that it’s easy to let learners practice these skills in safe, non-confrontational settings before they have to use these skills in the real world. There are tons of varying and effective approaches to letting learners make a choice and experience the consequences of their actions. Take a peek at how e-learning developers approach customer service in these examples: 

  • See how you can use a drag-and-drop to let learners practice their customer service skills in this demo by Tom Kuhlmann.
  • Scenarios like this one by Lisa Walker are a great way to let learners explore how different approaches change their customers’ responses.
  • This interactive conversation by Ryan Martin is simple to build and incredibly compelling to learners.  
  • This scenario freebie by Nicole Legault adds a gamified twist to the scenario approach by letting learners choose a character and rack up points.

Interested in learning how to create your own projects inspired by these demos? To learn more about creating compelling scenarios, check out this compilation of how-tos and examples. And don’t miss this quick and easy approach to creating drag-and-drops with Storyline!

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