Score Big in These 5 Fresh Gamification Examples

Whether you’re rolling dice or racing against the clock, adding gamification elements to e-learning courses is a great way to keep learners focused and motivated. Tempting learners’ sense of competition is the key to creating an experience that helps learners feel invested in mastering the content.

The key is to ensure that the game elements enhance the learning experience without making it too complicated or difficult to follow. These five new examples are a perfect balance of learning and competition:

  • Add a gamified layer to your next quiz with this quest-style download by John Toh.
  • Onboard new employees with ease using this creative approach to new-hire orientation by Nick Russell.
  • Compete to keep all your teeth in this dental hygiene quiz by Tracy Carroll.
  • Don’t miss your chance to earn your chef hat with this timed quiz by Yuna Buhrman.

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