Music is an effective way to enhance your course and the overall learning experience. For example, it seems like a no-brainer to use music to teach learners how to play or tune an instrument. Developers might also use music at the beginning of a course to draw in learners to explore important content. 

You can even deliver feedback with music: Try an upbeat jingle when a learner answers a quiz question correctly. And a slower, more dramatic tune when they get an answer wrong. That way learners get multiple cues to help them recognize where they need to improve. 

The E-Learning Heroes community has lots of music-inspired examples. We’ve picked a few of our favorites to share with you: 

  • Learn the basics of playing the cello in this example by Kathy Currey, and test your new knowledge with a series of drag-and-drop interactions.
  • Test your musical ear with Samuel Apata’s music sound puzzle—it’s a fun way for newbies to identify and listen to different types of instruments.
  • See what’s possible when you use multimedia content to guide learners through a process in this tutorial by Daniel Sweigert.

If you’re interested in learning more about using music in your projects, check out these helpful resources:

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