A Round-Up of Dials and Knobs

People love to get hands-on as they’re learning—and interactive dials in Storyline 360 provide a powerful way to do just that!

Dials are versatile and quite similar to working with sliders in Storyline 360. While sliders move along a straight path, dials move in an arc or a circular path. Using a dial gives learners a chance to interact with objects on the screen, often in the same way they might interact with them in real life. This ability to simulate real-world interaction makes dials a powerful addition to your e-learning toolbox.

E-learning pros use interactive dials for all sorts of things, like:

  • Exploring cause-and-effect relationships
  • Simulating interaction with knobs or dials on machines, clocks, locks, and other everyday objects
  • Navigating through menu options or large amounts of content

Still not sure how or when you’d use an interactive dial? No worries. We’ve handpicked five fabulous dial examples and downloads to fine-tune your creativity. Check ’em out!

  • Can your learners crack the code? That’s the big question in this code-breaking spin on quizzing from Nicole Legault. Learners must answer three quiz questions correctly to unlock the next lesson.
  • See how you can use dials to make the most of your screen real estate with this inspiring space-themed example from Karlis Sprogi. Simply turn the dial to explore tons of information about space travel.
  • Amp up the interactivity of your next e-learning project with this handy dials starter kit from David Anderson. Want to simulate a clock? Grab the 12-stop dial from this download and save yourself some precious time.
  • Need a sweet touch for your course? Watch how Holly Castellow uses a custom candy corn dial to serve up an assortment of fun Halloween trivia.
  • Brace your learners for winter utility bills with this clever download from Nicole Legault. As you dial the thermostat, you can see how it impacts your energy consumption—and your bill!

For more cool ideas for working with dials, check out the inspiring examples shared in this recent E-Learning Challenge. And while you’re visiting E-Learning Heroes, why not snag a free 30-day trial of Articulate 360? See for yourself how easy it is to create any kind of interactive experience you can imagine with the power of Storyline 360.

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