Don’t Miss These 4 Do’s & Don’ts Examples

Dos and don’ts lists aren’t just for fashion magazines. They’re a super-handy way to frame reference info for people in all kinds of settings. Think about it: seeing info simply organized into a list of dos and don’ts makes it easy for learners to read, understand, and apply new skills, quickly.

And dos and don’ts don’t have to be static text alone! You can boost interest and engagement easily by adding some simple interactivity to your dos and don’ts activities. We’ve gathered a few interesting examples—so please do take a look and get your creative juices flowing:

  • See how you can combine a dos and don’ts approach with a decision-making scenario in this demo by Lisa Walker.
  • Ask your learners to sort different options into dos and don’ts with this creative approach shared by Daniela Slater.  
  • Try this friendly but businesslike demo from Lauren Franza to help learners take their email communication skills to the next level.
  • Prompt learners to decide whether a technique is a “do” or a “don’t” before showing them the answer. See how in this example by Ashi Tandon.

Looking for more ideas? Find tons more dos and don’ts examples in E-Learning Challenge #122. And you can share your projects, ask for help, and get feedback! The E-Learning Challenges are always open.