Sharpen Your Pencils with these 7 K12 E-Learning ExamplesOpen your eyes to the possibilities of e-learning for the K-12 audience with these eight examples, designed by members of the E-Learning Heroes community. These clever examples are targeted to a younger crowd and use inviting designs, fun narratives, and a fast pace to keep learners’ attention.

You’re sure to get some fresh ideas. whether you’re creating e-learning for grown-ups or for kiddos. Check ‘em out!

  • See how you can put a dry topic—grammar skills—in a realistic and interesting context in this lesson by Ridvan Saglam.
  • Watch as this fun demo by Veronica Budnikas covers a bunch of topics with a fun, narrative approach.
  • Try this math skills interaction by Toni Krajicek, which uses a gamification approach to motivate learners and keep them on task.
  • Get to know the early U.S. presidents in this fun sample by Stacy Swan. Don’t miss the drag-and-drop knowledge check at the end.
  • Check out this classroom-themed demo by Magdalena Rokita that puts learners learners in control, letting them decide what exercise to complete first.
  • Make science content feel super-real, even when the concepts are on-screen. See how you can give lessons that feel real in this drag-and-drop example by Cecilia Bernal.
  • Create a classroom feel with this fun template by Jackie Van Nice (with free download!). 

Find even more great examples of K-12 e-learning in this E-Learning Challenge. And of course you can join in this or any other E-Learning Challenge any time. They’re always open!