app-style e-learning examples

App-inspired design is hot, and it’s not hard to imagine why. Many of us are literally attached at the hip to our mobile devices. And we’re not just using the apps on our phones to plant and harvest virtual crops; they’re our maps, our translators, and even our teachers.

We asked E-Learning Heroes to give us their best examples of app-style navigation and design, and there was such an abundance of work that we loved that we divvied them up into two round-ups. See the first half of this series here.

Here are 5 more examples that knocked our socks off:

  • Check out this beautiful yoga primer demo by Amar Kulshreshtha featuring parallax effects and sliders.
  • Yum! Munch on this instructive demo by Lyn Lucovsky that will leave you more than a little hungry.
  • Take a look at this demo by Dianne Hope which features a cool login sequence, hip imagery, and sleek mobile-style navigation.
  • Check out Ashi Tandon’s horizontally-oriented demo for ideas on showcasing gorgeous photos.
  • See beautiful imagery paired with information and tabs in this demo by Mark Bennett.

If you’re loving these demos, and would like to add one of your own, just do it! The challenge is always open. Simply leave a comment with a link to your demo.