In Closing, You Don’t Want to Miss These 7 Stimulating Examples of Summary Screens

If you’re like most e-learning pros, you spend the bulk of your time on creating the main content for a course. We get it! Breaking down complex topics and transforming them into engaging e-learning takes a lot of time and effort. But don’t overlook another important piece of content that can help learners take action once they’ve completed your course: the summary screen.

Summary screens are a simple yet powerful way to set learners up for success. They’re a great opportunity to share all sorts of important information, like a summary of key course content, a big-picture overview of a process, a checklist of next steps, and more. You can even use summary screens to encourage learners to reflect, ask questions, find help, and continue their own exploration of learning topics long after they’ve finished your course.

So, how do you create an effective summary screen that does all these things? The enormously talented members of the E-Learning Heroes community are here to lead the way with these seven impressive summary screen examples.

Check ’em out:

If you crave more inspiration, here are 4 Summary Screen Ideas for Your E-Learning Courses. And if you’re already buzzing with ideas, then join the E-Learning Challenge and submit your work. If you’re somewhere in between, head on over to the Building Better Courses forum. You can toss around ideas, connect with other e-learning pros, and find more course design examples there. 

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