Header Image for Round-Up of Drag & Drop Sequencing Interactions

Training people on a process sounds like it should be easy, right? Just explain the process, step by step. Done. Next project.

The truth is that getting people up to speed on a step-by-step process is a little more complicated than just explaining the steps. You need to give them a way to demonstrate that they know what they’re doing AND how to do it. So how do you turn information given piecemeal into something that’s a little more hands-on in a virtual environment like e-learning?

We’re glad you asked because we’ve got loads of engaging and effective drag-and-drop examples that challenge learners to do just that! Drag-and-drop interactions are perfect for giving your learners a little virtual practice performing a task, step by step, in the correct order.

Check out these four new drag-and-drop examples to get your next process training moving in the right direction!

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