Check Out These 6 E-Learning Games and Score Big

Why are games so addictive? Because they trigger basic human instincts with a cycle of stimulus and rewards. You get a tough challenge, and then you get a little thrill of adrenaline every time you win. Watch Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk on gaming to learn more about how our brains respond to game dynamics. The key takeaway is that if you can transform an experience into a game, you’ll build happiness, engagement, and connections between people.

That’s why there’s so much interest in creating gamified learning for learners of all ages. Adding these fun dynamics makes it so easy for learners to keep coming back to the learning experience.

With a little creative thinking, it’s easy to apply a game-design approach to learning content. And our awesome community has super helpful examples of e-learning games so you can see how others have used this technique. To help you see how you can add a game feel to your next project, here are six of the latest community-created examples that inspired us to come out and play:

  • Embrace your new role as a crime scene investigator in this scenario game by Veronica Budnikas.
  • Take your chance at this scratch-off game interaction by Tania Vercoelen.
  • Get some game design inspiration from this pirate-themed interaction by John Soudias.
  • Remember Mad Libs? In this example by Alyssa Gomez, you can use the same familiar, silly interaction style to help learners practice new words and new concepts.
  • Step back in time with this treasure hunter game by Josh Goodswen—it’ll remind you of early Nintendo adventure games!
  • Add a Tetris-inspired animation to set a fun tone to your next project with this freebie by Alexander Salas. 

Inspired to try your hand at gamification? Great! Check out our gamification series for tons of great how-tos, examples, and downloads that will help you apply this approach in your work. Need help? Share your projects in our forums to ask for support and feedback. The pros in the E-Learning Heroes community will help you solve all kinds of tough e-learning challenges!