Get Switched on with 6 New Toggle Examples

Toggles and switches are all over the latest phones and web interfaces. They’re simple, intuitive, and give your app, website, or interaction a super-modern feel. We love the idea of using toggle switches to grab learners’ attention and invite them to interact with your content. After all, they’re probably accustomed to using toggles on their iPhones and iPads, right?

In a recent E-Learning Challenge, David asked developers to share their creative approaches to building and using toggles and switches in their online courses. Here are just some of the cool examples that the community shared:

  • See how you can invite learners to play with nine different types of off/on switches in Phil Mayor’s very cool demo.
  • Watch how layering sliders and switches lets learners test different scenarios in this complex example by Michael Hinze.
  • Play DJ in this fun interaction by Nick Russell. Just push play on the vintage recorder to hear the music!
  • Make the gears “go” with the simple on/off switch in this demo by Michael Hinze.
  • Going up? Peek inside the elevator by punching the button in this fun interaction by Nancy Woinoski.
  • Try two approaches to creating an on/off switch with built-in features in Storyline 2 with this simple demo by Jeff Kortenbosch.

You can see even more great toggle switches—and share your own, since the challenges are open anytime—in this Challenge. And find lots more inspiring examples of all kinds in our E-Learning Examples hub

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