8 Micro-Learning Examples That Prove Less Is More

Microlearning is more than just a buzzword–it’s the future of e-learning. In today’s attention economy, grabbing and keeping your learners’ attention is no small feat. And it doesn’t help that these days learners are busier than ever before. Lengthy courses covering a lot of content in one sitting can overwhelm learners and lead to information overload.

Instead of packing tons of content into a single course, why not split it up into a series of bite-size courses, aka microlearning courses? Learners prefer to digest content in small morsels and are more likely to engage with short-form content. Microlearning courses focus on one learning objective per course, with only “need to know” information, making them more effective. So now you’re probably wondering, how do I transform my long-form content into easy-to-digest mini-courses? Well, good news! The super-skilled members of the E-Learning Heroes community have got you covered with these eight microlearning examples.

Check 'em out:

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