Header image - 4 Persuasive Navigation Examples

Course navigation is an essential component of any good e-learning project. Clear and helpful navigation keeps learners focused and steers them in the right direction. But that’s not all—it can also make your courses feel more dynamic and motivating. Often we think of course navigation as simply moving left to right or up and down, but it can also help learners explore information in ways that keep their eyes alert and their brains active.

Cruise through these four examples by the ingenious members of the E-Learning Heroes community and explore the possibilities.

Take a look:

This is just a small taste of what’s achievable when you apply a little creativity to your course navigation. If you enjoyed these examples, sail on over to the Building Better Courses forum for more e-learning design inspiration. There are loads of ideas and tons of e-learning pros willing to offer their help. We’ll see you there!

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