Stitch-Up a Tailored E-Learning Experience

Pre-tests, also called pre-assessments, are placed at the beginning of a course. Sometimes e-learning pros use pre-tests as a way to challenge a learner’s preconceptions, and other times as a way for learners to benchmark performance so they can compare their before and after scores to see how much they’ve learned.

Another common way the pros use pre-tests is to let learners skip ahead to only those topics where they need the most help. For developers, this means you can create one course that works for a wider variety of learners at different skill levels, while also demonstrating respect for their time and prior experience. And for learners, taking a pre-test as a way to customize their learning path makes the experience much more relevant—and inherently more engaging.

Worried that designing a pre-test sounds like a heavy lift? Don’t put a pin in this idea just yet! With a little design inspiration from the following four projects, you’ll be stitching up a perfectly suited e-learning experience in no time!

  • Move your high-performing team to the next level: In this business-savvy download from Jodi Sansone, team leaders can take a pre-assessment of their team, measuring them across four key areas. At the end, they’ll see content and recommendations tailored to their team’s needs.
  • See how simple it is to give learners customized recommendations for their personal development following this health-themed example from Eric Rowland. 
  • Take this pre-assessment to gain access to just the resources you need for a perfectly painted wall in this smooth example from Ilona Winnemore.
  • Think you know German? You’ll find out quickly which German-language topics you need to develop with this fun and challenging pre-test example from Annabelle Grew.

For more pre-test inspiration, check out the great ideas shared in this recent E-Learning Challenge. And while you’re there, snag a free 30-day trial of Articulate 360 and see for yourself how easy it is to create any kind of experience you can imagine with the power of Storyline 360.

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