E Learning Quiz Examples & IdeasGot a boatload of compliance training you need to design and distribute? Turn it from “ugh” to “awesome” by making it a game! Gamification has been making mundane activities more appealing since the dawn of time, and when you combine it with the built-in interactivity of e-learning, the results can be downright awesome.

If you’re ready to get your game on, take a look at these great examples of interactive e-learning games:

  • Encourage learners to make their guesses count with this interactive hangman game made by Gavin Innes. This is a super-advanced example of what you can do with Storyline 2!
  • See how Brett Schlagel used Storyline to put learners in a race-the-clock situation with this pump it up game.

Interested in becoming a game master yourself? We’re here to help. Check out this insightful article on gamification techniques and browse dozens of gamification-themed articles in our E-learning Heroes library.  

If you’ve got a great game example that you’d like to share, add it to E-Learning Challenges #24 and #59 to showcase your work and get awesome feedback from the community. Happy gaming!

Paolo Faieta
Nick Savage
Alex Lapthorne