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A couple weeks ago, many in the E-Learning Heroes community killed time before going to the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. How? By creating fun Star Wars-themed e-learning examples.  

The designs they made are more than just entertaining ways to confirm your encyclopedic knowledge of the first several movies. Each example uses techniques you can apply to drier topics. The same interactions that make shopping for lightsabers or answering trivia questions fun can also be applied to safety and leadership training.

Keep that in mind as you check out these examples. They’ll ewok your world (ha!):

  • Flashy, futuristic, and highly interactive, it’s Font Wars by Kevin Thorn.
  • Fans old and new alike will appreciate this drag-and-drop game by Linda Lorenzetti.
  • Video makes this engaging quiz by Veronica Budnikas so incredibly awesome. You really have to see it to believe it.
  • This unique interaction by Montse Anderson lets you determine at random which Star Wars character you are from a rotating selection of playing cards.
  • David Lindenberg created this flattering trading card interaction. Read about the E-Learning Heroes community managers’ intergalactic alter egos.
  • This Imperial Death Star training video by Hoosier Teacher is impressive. Most impressive.
  • This quiz by Nick Russell is chock full of beautiful animations and trivia to test your fandom.
  • How is your knowledge of Star Wars quotes? Rebecca Honeycutt puts it to the test in this example.
  • In her demo, Tracy Parish presents a mobile shopping experience like no other.

This E-Learning Challenge has loads more examples of Star Wars-themed demos. If you’re feeling inspired by these examples, go make your own! The challenges stay open so you have all the time you need.