5 Tab-ulous Ideas for Organizing Learning Content

If your background includes designing presentations, you’re probably accustomed to the “one idea per slide” rule. And that rule makes sense when there’s a live presenter embellishing content with personality and context. But when you’re designing interactive e-learning, learners need you, the course designer, to engage them.

Instead of delivering content to your audience over multiple slides, try using a simple tabbed layout to organize all of that related information. Tabs interactions are flexible—perfect for chunking lots of content, creating a custom menu, or even structuring an entire course. Tabs interactions are also quick and easy to build in Storyline 360, because all of that information can live on a single slide with layers. Best of all, using tabs invites your learners to explore the information you’re sharing and absorb it at their own pace.

That’s why we’re sure you’re going to love these five tab-ulous examples and downloads. Save yourself some precious design time and let these projects inspire fresh ideas for organizing your learning content. Check ’em out! 

Learn how to create your own tabs interactions (in just about 5 minutes!) with this handy tutorial from David Anderson. And for more creative inspiration, check out our Articulate Storyline downloads hub, where you’ll find loads of free downloads that’ll get your ideas rolling. While you’re at it, snag a free 30-day trial of Articulate 360 and use those free downloads to take Storyline 360 out for a spin.